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We offer the highest quality commercial espresso machines, coffee blends and technical service on the market.

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We bring the cafe experience into your workplace. Kiwi’s live and breath coffee culture . As a result, it only makes sense that this coffee culture should be integrated into our offices and workspace.

Atlas will provide you with everything you need for the perfect office setup. An espresso machine, grinder and all the necessary accessories. We then train your staff how to use it so everyone can get the most out of your machine. 

office espresso package
Rent or Buy

We offer a range of options to meet the requirements of your business. From new equipment leases, monthly rentals or buying outright. We can find the right machine for you and give your staff the skills to master it.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Don't settle for stale. Set your office apart with one of our delicious coffee blends. From unique organic blends to superb single origins, we have it all.

Scheduled Orders & Service

Receive weekly coffee orders to meet the demands of your workplace. We will also service your machine regularly to optimise performance.

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Corporate Espresso Machines

Machine options to fit every business size. Browse our full range of commercial espresso machines here.

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