THE SPIRIT - Kees Van Der Westen


Kees van der Westen is a leader in innovation and designer espresso machines with barista friendly features. Innovations like the foot pedal for steam production, set his machines apart from the rest of the commercial espresso machines on the market. Our partnership with Kees provides clients with state of the art machinery, containing sophisticated features helping the barista produce an excellent espresso at speed in a busy café environment. For more information about Kees, click here.


​The Spirit is an espresso machine consisting of a multi-boiler structure or a boiler for each coffee group and one for the steam boiler.  Spirit’s features include:

  • the latest technology for brew temperature stability
  • a unique pre-infusion system, similar to the lever group machines, ensuring pressure builds slowly in the coffee bed thus preventing channeling and maximising crema
  • brew and steam boiler temperature display in view of the barista and push button control providing easy calibration to set for roast degree matching.
  • A full list of features can be found here.

Full product specifications can be found here.

For a detailed user manual click here.

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