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We started roasting coffee in the front of our Ponsonby Cafe in 1995. Since the beginning, our focus has always been on the quality, freshness and consistency of our coffee. We mix our blends post-roast, which is a roasting method that honours the individual characteristics of the origin of the coffee and produces a more balanced and flavourful cup.

View our range of specialty batch roasted coffee. Visit our shop and try one of our famous coffee blends or single origins, that we have perfected over the past 25 years.

We can help you create the perfect cafe spot that your customers will love. We offer world class espresso machines, professional service, barista training and beautifully roasted, unique coffee blends.

There’s not much worse than missing your morning brew. We have an espresso service department dedicated to repairing domestic and commercial espresso machines. This includes 24/7 breakdown services for our cafes and wholesale coffee accounts.


Atlas Power Coffee roasts on a Probat L25 drum roaster.  The superior engineering of Probat roasting machines guarantees consistency while allowing the Master roaster to adjust the factors that influence the roast profile and produce gourment blends.  The ability to manually control the roasting process makes the drum roasting machine the preferred roaster option in the specialty coffee industry.

Roasting gourmet blends for the specialty coffee market requires a mixture of science and art.  Using a scientific approach we measure and record the relevant parameters including temperature, pressure and air flow during every roast.  Carefully analysing these dynamics, during the roasting process, provides the information on which to make the artful judgement as to when to manipulate the gas intensity and damper position, to ensure roast consistency and achieve the optimal roast profile.

Cafe quality espresso for your workplace. We offer a range of machine and coffee options to suit businesses of all sizes.

Don’t settle for stale. Our coffee subscription service delivers the best blends on the market direct to your door. Freshly roasted, just for you.

Need to brush up on your skills? Browse some of our comprehensive coffee guides – from plunger to espresso – find it all here.

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