THE SPEEDSTER - Kees Van Der Westen



Kees van der Westen is a leader in innovation and designer espresso machines with barista friendly features. Innovations like the foot pedal for steam production, set his machines apart from the rest of the commercial espresso machines on the market. Our partnership with Kees provides clients with state of the art machinery, containing sophisticated features helping the barista produce an excellent espresso at speed in a busy café environment. For more information about Kees, click here.


Atlas Power Coffee is the New Zealand agent for the Speedster espresso machine. 

The Speedster designed and built by Kees van der Westen is arguably the finest domestic espresso machine available in the world today.  It’s exquisite design and unparalled performance features set it apart from the competition.

Our company maintains a comprehensive part stock for these machines and we provide service and technical support for Speedster owners. 

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