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Atlas Power Coffee Subscriptions

Setup weekly, fortnightly or monthly delveries.

Atlas coffee subscriptions are simple. Hand roasted fresh coffee delivered directly to your door. Each bag comes with a roasted on date, so you know exactly how fresh it is. Already ordering our coffee online? Subscribe now and save 15% on the cost of your coffee order.

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How our coffee subscriptions work?

More coffee, less coffee, different blends. Edit, change or cancel at anytime.

You have full control over your coffee subscription and can customise your orders or cancel it at any time. Going away for on holiday? No worries, place your subscription on hold until you get back. Want to try something new? Change your grind or blend as you wish.

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Choose your Subcription

All subscription prices include shipping and are per delivery. Coffee blends and Frequency can be selected at the next page.

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$ 30
00 Shipping Incl.
  • Select Blend
  • Select Frequency


$ 15
20 Shipping Incl.
  • Select Blend
  • Select Frequency
$ 54
00 Shipping Incl.
  • Select Blend
  • Select Frequency


How much coffee should I order?

For the average household we recommend a subscription of 200 grams per week. This will make around 12-14 cups of coffee.

Do you charge extra for rural deliveries?

No we do not charge extra for rural deliveries. We believe everyone should have the same opportunity to drink fresh coffee!

Which blend should I try?

Our most popular blend is classic and we recommend this for plunger and and filter use.

Tesoro and House are Cafe style blends and we prefer to use them with an espresso machine.

You can change your blend at any time, so feel free to try a them all!

Can I choose when my coffee is sent?

Absolutely, if you want your subscription sent out on a specific day of the week please add a note to your delivery at checkout. Please note that we are not open on weekends.