The perfect mixture of Science and Art


Designed by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941, the Chemex is a manual pour-over style glass coffebrewer. The thicker Chemex filter removes most of the coffee oils and makes coffee that is “cleaner” than more commonly used filter methods. Its elegant design and simple use makes it the perfect addition to any coffee lovers kitchen.

Brew Time:

3-4 Minutes


  1. Fresh Coffee
  2. Chemex
  3. Chemex Filters
  4. Grinder
  5. Kettle
  6. Timer (recommended)

Step 1

Bring enough water to fill your Chemex to a boil. Then proceed by weighing out the coffee and grinding to a coarseness that resembles sea salt. The amount of water and coffee will vary depending on your preferred brew strength. 

For your first Chemex, we recommend starting with 60g of coffee and 700ml of water.

Step 2

Unfold your filter, and make sure that your triple folded side is facing the Chemex spout. It should lay across the spout without obstructing it.

Step 3

Pour some of your boiled water through the filter, allowing it to fully soak the filter and warm the Chemex.

Step 4

Add your coffee grounds onto the filter and give it a gentle shake. This is to avoid your grounds piling in the middle of the filter, and allows for a more even pour.

Step 5 - First Pour

Note: There will be four pours in total. 

Start your timer. Starting at the centre, pour twice the amount of water that you have coffee onto your grounds (60g coffee/120m water). This should be enough to saturate the grounds. Start your pour from the centre and make your way outwards, being careful not to pour water directly on the filter. 

You should notice the coffee starting to expand or bloom. Allow it to do this for 45 seconds. The bloom is a crucial step in order to provide flavour to your coffee. If the water doesn’t have adequate exposure to the grounds, the extraction will likely be weak. 

Step 6 - Second Pour

Pour the water in a circular pattern starting from the centre, spiraling outwards until you reach the edge of the filter (but being careful to to pour directly onto the filter) and then return your spiral motion back towards the middle. Add approximately 200ml of water and then wait for the coffee to drip through, you want to wait until there is around 2cm of liquid left before starting your third pour.

Step 7 - Third Pour

Repeat the same pattern as Step 6, thhis time adding another 200mls of water. Again wait until there is around 2cm of liquid left before starting your fourth pour.

Step 8 - Final Pour

Add the remaining (approximately 180ml) following the same pattern as previous.

Step 9

Allow the coffee to filter down completely. This entire process should have taken between 3mins 30 seconds and 4mins 30 seconds. 

If your brew time was too fast, try using a finer grind or slower pour. Alternatively if it was too slow, try a coarser grind or faster pour. Make a note of the strength of your brew and how it tastes. If you are happy with the outcome, stick to this same method moving forward. Otherwise feel free to adjust the amounts of water and coffee to reach your preferred brew.

Step 10

Dispose of your filter and pour your first cup. The Chemex is designed to share, so pour an extra cup for that special someone.


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