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Professional Barista Training

Barista Training 


  • Produces skilled, knowledgeable baristi able to make espresso and milk driven coffee drinks consistently and at speed using Mirage and/or Spirit espresso machines
  • Provides information on how the espresso machine and grinders work
  • Provides information on how to  make  the necessary adjustments to the equipment to ensure maximum performance and great tasting coffee under changing environmental conditions
  • Learns techniques to produce outstanding coffee drinks during the demanding times of a very busy cafe

In Brief

The best baristi must be have many skills and be knowledgeable in a range of areas.  Otherwise their services are inadequate and this will impact their ability to make espresso and milk driven coffees consistently at pace.  In a busy working environment they must not only be passionate about coffee but it is critical that they pay extreme attention to detail.  Coffee is incredibly finicky and the extraction process often varies from cup to cup. 

The Product

Atlas Power Coffee offer your staff exhaustive and continuous barista training courses, providing knowledge and skill in coffee production.

Barista classes are conducted on-site or, in some cases, at our roastery.  Qualified participants receive a Barista Certificate.

In addition we offer refresher courses to up-skill experienced baristi.