Atlas Power Coffee

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The keys to obtaining good results are:

  • Using quality fresh coffee purchased from your local roaster
  • Pre-heating the water
  • Removing the pot from the heat at the right time
  • Proper grind of coffee
  • Using clean equipment and filtered water
  • Drinking the coffee immediately after brew time or transferring it into a heating carafe for later consumption

Preparation Guidelines

Step 1.  Bring water to boil then remove from heat

Step 2.  Grind enough coffee to fill the filter basket at a grind setting slightly coarser than you would for an espresso

Step 3.  Add heated water to the fill line inside the brew base

Step 4.  Insert filter basket into the brewer base

Step 5.  Fill the basket with ground coffee, slightly proud, level off and apply slight downward pressure to settle the grounds

Step 6.  Screw top into brewer, using hot pads to avoid getting burned

Step 7.  Put brewer on moderate heat, leaving top lid open

Step 8.  Watch for signs of coffee, first a trickle, then a pulse of coffee, soon after a thick reddish brown stream will appear.  When the stream turns to a honey-yellow colour and begins to thin,                   remove from heat and close the lid

Step 9.  Wrap the bottom of the pot in a cool towel or pour cold water over the base to stop the extraction

Step 10. Wait for coffee to finish then pour immediately into cups