Atlas Power Coffee

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The keys to obtaining good results are:

  • Using quality fresh beans purchased from your local roaster
  • Grinding the coffee correctly
  • Using clean equipment and filtered water
  • Timing the process
  • Drinking the coffee immediately after brew time (four minutes) or transferring it into a heating carafe for later consumption

Preparation Guidelines

Step 1.  Grind the coffee using a burr grinder if possible

Step 2.  Add coffee to vessel; 14 g of coffee to 240 ml of water – one tablespoon per cup

Step 3.  Pour water raised to 95 degrees Celsius (below boiling or take off boil and leave two minutes) over grounds in vessel saturating evenly

Step 4.  Start timer – allow steeping for four minutes, stirring after one minute to optimise extraction

Step 5.  Place press on top and at four minutes press slowly down into the vessel to force grounds to the bottom

Step 6.  Pour immediately and enjoy