Atlas Power Coffee

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The keys to obtaining good espresso results are:

  • Using quality fresh coffee purchased from your local roaster
  • Correctly grinding the coffee with a burr grinder
  • Correctly packing the right amount of coffee into the filter basket
  • Extracting the coffee at the right pressure and temperature
  • Using clean equipment and filtered water

Preparation Guidelines

Step 1.  Warm cup or glass

Step 2.  Wipe portafilter with dry cloth

Step 3.  Grind and dose coffee into the portafilter to a level slightly proud

Step 4.  Settle and level the coffee so that it is evenly distributed over the surface of the portafilter

Step 5.  Tamp the coffee firmly with thumb and forefinger either side of tamper top

Step 6.  Purge grouphead by letting 30 ml of water run through it

Step 7.  Insert portafilter,start and time extraction

Step 8.  Watch the espresso as it extracts.  At first heavy droplets appear and then increase in speed.  Coffee should have the consistency of honey dripping off a warm spoon.