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Coffee In Your Home

Whether you make coffee at home with a plunger, stovetop, or espresso machine, Atlas Power Coffee can provide coffee, equipment and most importantly information on what is best for your situation.

Our recommended coffee blend or country origin depends, to a certain extent, on the equipment you have at home to brew it. Every machine is different, so learn to play around with your machine to get each coffee to where you like it for your personal taste.


  • Timely performance-based repairs carried out by qualified and licensed technicians so your morning fix is not interrupted for more than a few days
  • Demonstrate how to prepare coffee on any type of device, from plunger to espresso machine
  • Demonstrate how to use and adjust your grinder
  • Demonstrate how to clean your machine to guarantee great tasting coffee and keep your machine performing properly
  • Carry out a performance assessment of your equipment and when necessary undertake service
  • Offering, in the Auckland area, next day fresh café-style coffee delivery to your door

In Brief

There is a reason coffee tastes great and has exceptional flavour; however, you will not get the result without the knowledge of how to prepare it and how to keep your equipment clean and serviced regularly, so it can perform at its best.

The quickest and easiest way to have our coffee at home is to visit our online shop and you can have your fresh roasted fix delivered direct to your door.