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Corporate Supply

Providing coffee in your business is carried out for two reasons:

  1. Staff consumption
  2. Client engagement

Office staff are aware of what a proper cup of coffee should taste like.  As an employer your goal is to keep them in their place of work to reduce time away from the office and increase the overall efficiency of your business.  If your coffee supply is not good then staff will leave your premise and find a café for their caffeine fix.

Providing quality coffee as a value added client service is important.  Give them a bad cup of coffee, even free coffee, will leave them with the perception that perhaps your attention to detail falls short in other parts of your business.  Don’t leave your clients in any doubt; provide excellent product and service everywhere and you retain and/or obtain their business.

Services we can offer your office


  • Deliver fresh café-style coffee to your office complete with the "roasted on date" freshness guarantee
  • Demonstrate how to prepare coffee on any type of device, from plunger to espresso machine
  • Demonstrate how to use and adjust your grinder
  • Demonstrate how to clean your machine to assure great tasting coffee and keep your machine performing properly
  • Carry out a performance assessment of your equipment and when necessary undertake service

In Brief

There is a reason our coffee tastes great and has exceptional flavour; however, you will not get the result without using fresh roasted coffee and the knowledge of how to prepare it.  In addition you must learn how to keep your equipment clean and, where appropriate, regularly serviced to make sure it performs at its best.

Atlas Power Coffee has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in this area.

The Product

We supply different  blends to many cafes and corporations throughout the Auckland area.  If you are unsure a good place to start is to try our classic blend for plungers and our Tesoro blend for espresso or filter type machines. Click here for details about our blends and click here for our locations.

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