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Coffee Machine Repairs and Servicing

Our Service

Atlas Power Coffee service and repair a wide range of commercial and domestic espresso machines locally (North Shore, Auckland) & New Zealand wide. Generally commercial machines are serviced on-site; work on domestic machines is carried out at our workshop.

We follow a strict stepped process as part of our service regime.  It includes:

  1. Diagnostic testing to determine the condition of your machine
  2. An assessment of the labour and parts for the repair work required
  3. Provision of a cost estimate and a discussion about our service recommendations
  4. Carrying out the work required to repair your machine


We recognise that not having your coffee machine available for your morning fix is not a good thing.  Therefore we endeavour to have your machine back to you within 7 days, if not before, assuming the necessary parts are readily available. On the other hand if your machine is working fine but needs a little attention to improve the taste of your coffee we provide a domestic service package, the details and costs of which are outline below.

Diagnostic Testing

We conduct diagnostic testing on all machines, prior to undertaking any service work.  We also carry out this testing to determine whether or not the cost of repairs is more than the value of the machine.  You will be contacted prior to any work being done and given a cost estimate for the proposed service work.  Only when you agree on the cost of the repairs do we carry out the service.  

There is a one-off cost of $125.00 for diagnostic testing, included in the cost estimate when repairs are carried out.

Domestic Service Packages

10 POINT SERVICE  (Domestic Single Group Espresso Machine); service includes replacement of group seal, shower screen and anti vacuum valve $325.00

  • Backflush the brewing group
  • Strip brewhead components and thoroughly clean dispersion plate and brewhead
  • Re-assemble brewhead using a new rubber groupseal and shower screen
  • Replace anti-vacuum valve 
  • Check safety valve for leaks
  • Check steam valve operation
  • Check hot water valve operation
  • Check and clean water level probe
  • Check boiler pressure
  • Check brewing pump pressure
  • Check brew temperature
  • Perform an electrical safety test and tag machine


We service the following brands provided the espresso machine has a group handle.

Astoria CMA  Bezzera     BFC       Brasilia 
Carimali    Cimbali  Dalla Corte ECM 
Elektra  Faema   Gaggia    Grimac
Isomac   Magister   Marcfi-Ancas Marzocco
La Nuova Era Nuova Simonelli Pavoni         Promac
Rancilio Rocket San Marco San Marino
Scala  Unic Vibiemme Wega


Please contact us should you be uncertain as to whether or not your machine qualifies.