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Design and Installation

Design and Installation


  • Project is built with the requirements of the barista in mind
  • Lay out practical for coffee preparation and delivery
  • Service area is built with safety and accessibility in mind

In Brief

If you’re new to the coffee business or a seasoned veteran you still welcome advice, feedback and recommendations on how your coffee preparation and delivery area should be designed so you can maximise sales and enjoy the journey. 

We’ve been in the coffee business for over 20 years.  Our key staff have owned café business’s and know what designs work, the pitfalls and how to assist you directly to install your espresso machine, coffee grinder and all the ancillary equipment (filtration systems, water and electrical connections) required for espresso production.

The Product

  • Assist in design of your coffee workspace
  • Install espresso machine and grinder and all supplementary equipment located in the under bench service area