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Kees Van Der Westen Newsletter 13 July 2015

Kees Van Der Westen Newsletter July 2015

 Waalre; July 13, 2015

Dear Espressonist,

Advantageous long lead time

As you are aware, our lead times are rather long. Orders come in in far greater numbers than we can produce. We are busy re-organizing our production facility to eventually double capacity.

We`d like to point out to our distributors, this long lead time can be used to their advantage.

When a distributor keeps a constant stock of machines, and orders in a timely manner to maintain this stock, he can always supply immediately to his customers. By beating our lead time this way he creates virtual exclusivity in his market.

To ensure stock is flexible, one always can offer the version the customer requires, we designed the Bastone levers and touch pads of the Spirit so they can be quickly and easily exchanged. The same goes for the different finishes of the body work. All body panels can be easily exchanged.

This way most optional versions can be offered with just one machine.

Updated Mirage

Recently we updated the Mirage to offer the same possibilities. The panel directly behind groups and steam valves is now one standard panel, whatever the finish of the body work.

The same applies for the 2 lower small panels, right and left. The remaining large body panels can be exchanged quickly and easily.

The Mirage Bastone has returned. The new version is equipped with flow meters, the Bastone lever now offers 2 automatic shot volumes. It can also be adjusted to infinity, allowing manual on-off use.

The new Bastone levers can be exchanged with the touch pads, or vice versa. The touch pads are now the same as used on the Spirit (the Bastone levers are different however).

The large glass side panels have received a new Mirage logo.

Finally, we decided to stop the high gloss finish of the body panels. The standard finish is now the stainless steel panels with engine-turned finish (sun effect). Optionally you can choose the black crackle-finish powder coating, or a custom colour.

No Idrocompresso left

As announced in a recent Newsletter, we are about to stop production of the Idrocompresso. Orders would be accepted till end of this month. However, more orders came in than expected. Our stock of Idrocompresso parts is now depleted. We need to inform you we are unable to accept any more orders for the Idrocompresso.