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The truth about 'Free' technical service

What’s the cost of “free” service? - sales!  Let me explain. You know the saying “there is no such thing as a free lunch’ – well the same applies to service.  Any company offering technical service for free, as part of their sales pitch or otherwise, is making up for this lost income somewhere or they’ll go broke.  In other words so-called free service translates to:

  1. Poor quality or cheap product; e.g., green coffee beans
  2. Poor quality parts – generic, or in some cases second hand parts at new parts prices, instead of genuine parts
  3. Poor service– (a) not professional or comprehensive, certainly not performance driven and never a provision for electrical safety checks or (b) slow response to call outs or not showing up at all

Consequently these “free” services tell the customer that the coffee product you serve is substandard and as a result you are sacrificing any growth in sales for perceived short term gain.

So if you are serious about your coffee products and building your business around it, pay for your service-the value of doing so in sales far outweighs the expense in costs!