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Domestic Coffee Grinders

Domestic Coffee Grinders

A coffee grinder provides you with the best opportunity to taste the full flavour of your roasted on date stamped fresh roasted coffee.  However it is a double edged sword.  The greater the surface of the coffee the more flavour is available but it also provides greater potential for flavour loss as air in contact with coffee particles (beans and to a greater extent ground) will cause staling.

For this reason it is essential that you prepare the coffee drink immediately after grinding because up to 25% of the flavour and coffee aromatics are dispersed and quickly lost within minutes.

We recommend purchasing whole bean coffee from your local roaster in quantities that will be consumed in about ten days or so.  Then, when you want a coffee at home, grind just enough for your purpose and prepare the drink immediately.

To date we have not endorsed any make or model of domestic coffee grinder.  Rather we list below several key points you should consider before making a purchase.  These include:

  • Availability of grinder parts and serviceability
  • Home preparation method (e.g., espresso, plunger or stove top)
  • Bench space availability
  • Your budget

If you are considering a coffee grinder for your home, please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your situation and recommend a suitable grinder option.