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Mirage Idrocompresso

Mirage Idrocompresso


  • Superb design
  • Absence of electronic controls (group solenoids and pumps)makes this machine very reliable, silent and easy to service
  • Restrictor driven brew temperature adjustability for matching roasting degree with brew water

In Brief

The Mirage Idro is a lever group machine. The action of these units provides theatrical drama and contributes to its attraction.  Interestingly these machines are currently enjoying interest from baristi all over the world.

Perhaps the best accolades in regard to the lever group can be found in Kees van der Westen’s words.  He says “The lever group is a very old system, developed at the end of the 1940’s, to achieve the essential of espresso, forcing hot water with high pressure through the ground coffee.  Despite it being old, despite the development of pumps to raise the necessary pressure, despite the development of flat line temperature machines, the lever is still widely recognised to deliver the creamiest crema, best buttery mouthfeel, highest amount of solids, oils and fats in the cup.  What’s more, these desirable benefits are easy to achieve, the lever group is simple to operate and very forgiving.”