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Commercial Espresso Machines

The espresso machine is the cornerstone of your café business.  As a result you should design your cafe so that it is displayed as the centrepiece and commands attention.  Above all your espresso machine must:

  • Be reliable
  • Be easy to maintain
  • Provide your baristi with a tool that performs consistently to produce superb espressos at pace

Experienced baristi know that to be the best takes skill and the ability to produce excellent espresso in a timely manner minimizing the wait for customers. Performance and speed related features of the your espresso machine must provide the baristi with all the tools to achieve quick consistent exceptional espressos.

Espresso machines offered by Atlas Power Coffee deliver on the promise of performance and speed and provide key features that set them apart from all other machines on the New Zealand market.


  • Brew temperature adjustability to extract maximum crema (flavour) from the espresso, based on roasting profile
  • Optional Progressive pre-infusion cylinders and foot activated steam valves combine to produce exceptional espresso with ease
  • On-going machine research and development  to improve performance and provide baristi with features that make espresso production speedy and satisfying
  • State-of-the-art design by Kees van der Westen, to ensure your machine is the centrepiece of your espresso production area with an option to add your branding on the machine exterior

In Brief

Over the past 10 years Mirage espresso machines have been performing in the New Zealand cafe environment to produce espressos packed with flavour.  More recently the Spirit line of espresso machines has been introduced to the NZ market, providing some additional performance features wrapped in a stunning design style.

Kees van der Westen is a leader in innovation and crafts designer espresso machines with barista friendly features. These features, like the foot pedal for steam production, set his machines apart from the rest of the commercial espresso machines on the market. Our partnership with Kees provides clients with state of the art machinery, containing sophisticated features helping the barista produce an excellent espresso at speed in a busy café environment.

The Product

Atlas Power Coffee Limited is the New Zealand agent for the Mirage and Spirit commercial espresso machines, designed by Kees van der Westen and manufactured by Espressonistic Works B.V.

Espresso machines available include:

  • Mirage Classic (2 and 3 groups); Volumetric
  • Mirage Veloce (2 and 3 groups); Volumetric
  • Mirage Bastone (2 and 3 groups); Manual
  • Mirage Idro  (2 and 3 groups);  Lever action
  • Spirit Bastone (2 and 3 groups); Manual
  • Spirit Volumetric (2 and 3 groups); Volumetric

    The Mirage is a single boiler espresso machine that uses the traditional thermo-siphon system to heat the groups.  Brew temperature control is provided by restrictors, either static or adjustable, located at the top end of the thermo-siphon system.

    The Spirit is an espresso machine consisting of a mult-boiler structure or a boiler for each coffee group and one for the steam boiler.  Spirit's features include:

  • the latest technology for brew temperature stability
  • a unique pre-infusion system, similar to the lever group machines, ensuring pressure builds slowly in the coffee bed thus preventing channelling and maximising crema
  • brew and steam boiler temperature display in view of the barista and push button control providing easy calibration to set for roast degree matching.