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Retail Shop

Retail shop

Purchasing direct from us at our Retail Shop provides an opportunity to try different blends and ask questions on how to prepare your favourite brew.


  • “Roasted On date” stamped fresh coffee
  • Opportunity to taste different blends
  • Education on coffee preparation

In Brief

The freshest and best tasting coffee is available from your local roaster.  There, it is only a few days old and the coffee has rested to highlight the flavour and any exceptional olfactory characteristics; i.e. the fragrance. 


Our retail shop located at Unit 13 / 18 Airborne Road, Albany has available three coffee blends.  These include:

  • Classic
  • Tesoro
  • Kirchhoff

These blends are available in selected cafes we supply and also are also available on our online store. However we encourage experimentation and if you tell us what characteristics you prefer, high-low acidity or body for example we can mix and match to build a blend that suits your palate.

We also discuss how you prepare your coffee at home and this, to some extent, determines the blend of coffee we recommend. Click here for Brewing methods and tips.