Atlas Power Coffee

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Our Team

Mark Hillis

Mark Hillis is the managing director of Atlas Power Coffee Limited.  His scientific background (M.Sc.) and analytical sense drives the innovation, research and testing programmes in the business.  He supports the roaster and technical department and is a key member of the barista training team.

Mark has over twenty four years’ experience in the coffee business beginning as owner of the very popular Atlas Power Café in 1995.

Gayle Hillis

Gayle Hillis is the office manager of the business.  Her communication skills and genuine concern for the welfare of our accounts is played out daily by phone or email.  Here she coordinates orders, deliveries and converses with customers to ascertain their requirements and concerns.  She troubleshoots technical issues and passes on information to the technicians when necessary.

Gayle is a graduate of Whitecliff College of Arts and Design and provides key information and assistance in marketing and promotional activities.

Johannes (Joe) Booyens

Joe Booyens heads the technical team in the business. 

Prior to coming to New Zealand Joe resided in South Africa where, for fifteen years, he worked in the automotive industry.  For seven of these years he owned a BMW motorcycle dealership.

Joe is a qualified Porsche technician and has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.  He has a passion for any machinery, particular those with “wheels”.  Over the past two years Joe has been the key driver of the technical department at Atlas Power Coffee.  He has completed the Electrical Appliance Serviceperson Certificate, and is constantly expanding his knowledge and procedural skill to become the NZ service expert for the Mirage, Spirit and Speedster espresso machines.