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Our Workshop

Our Workshop

The Atlas Power Coffee workshop is located in a separate area of the roastery on Airborne Road, Albany.  Having the workshop as part of our overall coffee business provides a number of synergies and paybacks as outlined below.


  • Ability to experiment and test coffee blends against roasting degree and brew temperature to create extraordinary coffee tastes
  • Ability to conduct research, and test our machines performance and safety aspects in a controlled environment,  to improve our methods and procedures for on-site services
  • Ability to recondition used machines for resale, lease or rent at very competitive rates

In Brief

As part of our service commitment to our customers we have installed a complete parts and service area within our roastery.  Here we conduct regular and exhaustive tests, as part of our machine commissioning programme, and to improve our maintenance and performance based service programme.

The Product

As part of our research programme and to carry out tests to improve our services are workshop contains:

  • Up to date electrical and hydrological meters and tools to conduct testing
  • Comprehensive technical manuals and computer databases providing resource information

In addition we call on consultant electricians and plumbers to provide expert advice when necessary.