Atlas Power Coffee

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Our Philosophy and Ethics


Our working philosophy is to forge strong supportive business relationships by giving the best in product, barista training and technical service. We prefer working with boutique cafés or specialty espresso bars, because we believe that there is more space for individuality and professionalism.

At Atlas Power Coffee we strive for service excellence. This means that we are always looking to improve our service, offer information to help your business grow, and search for top end products that provide quality from “bean to cup”.

Furthermore, over the past few years we have been working on a number of environmental initiatives to reduce waste and become a more sustainable coffee company.  These initiatives include:

  • Composting roasting chaff and coffee grinds
  • Using compostable retail coffee bags
  • Using biodegradable takeaway cups and compostable takeaway lids

These projects are just the beginning.  We recognise that we need to do more to decrease our impact on the environment and in particular reduce our carbon footprint.  With this in mind our company is presently conducting research to look at the options for roasting in a manner that pollutes less because,  although to reduce our emissions we have a very sophisticated afterburner system in place, our carbon footprint is not yet neutral.

Our goal is to define what we need to do to achieve and maintain carbon neutrality and to plan for the future to succeed.